Oil & Gas

For more than 80 years, Caterpillar has been helping customers with their Oil and Gas power solutions. We have a wide range of durable and reliable power products to meet the demands of your specific application. And from design experts who get your operation up and running to the experts in more than 200 countries who are there to help you maintain it, we have the people to make our power solutions work for you.


Caterpillar is the market leader for power generation solutions that meet the demands of the oil and gas industry. Our Offshore Power Generation Module is the latest solution, designed specifically for the needs of offshore oil and gas applications. It features a durable, cost-effective design that allows it to burn a variety of fuels while meeting stringent environmental and safety standards.

The Offshore Power Generation Module is designed for simplicity, but also with an eye for the future. It is readily expandable to keep up with any future upgrades that may require more power. It can run on liquid, diesel, crude and heavy fuel oil, gas, or even in dual-fuel mode, and it meets both current and future emissions regulations.


Our full line of well service pumps are designed and manufactured by Caterpillar, in Caterpillar factories for single-source package confidence. High quality materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, heat treatment processes, high-performance surface treatments and special coatings ensure exceptional product life and performance. In the field, equipment either proves itself or it doesn’t.


High-quality materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, heat-treatment processes, high-performance surface treatments and special coatings all ensure exceptional life and performance. Our transmissions are designed to meet your specific needs, with options available for harsh-duty applications and highly mobile applications with permitted loads. They’re also designed for job-site safety, with a number of built-in features to keep operators and other personnel safe on the job.

Our transmissions deliver the proven performance our customers expect in oil and gas applications all over the world. They deliver more power with fewer trailers, and our innovative engine electronics allow them to work smarter as well as harder.

Our experts will help design a custom package that meets your operation’s specific needs. You get one quote, one order and one invoice. And we provide a number of services to help you get your solution running—and keep it running.