Mission & Vision


MACORP’s focus is to be the un-disputed leader in supplying sustainable integrated solutions for Mining, Forestry, Agricultural, Construction, Power Systems and Industrial Sectors of Guyana, with a clear sense of permanence in time, which shall be carried out with excellence and due regards to the interest of all stakeholders.


To become the leader in supplying sustainable integrated solutions by adding value and guaranteeing stakeholder loyalty.

Our Core Values


The Company recognizes the benefits to be derived from safe working conditions and work practices. Accordingly, it is agreed that employees shall co-operate to promote the protection of fellow employees, customers, and the environment, with safe practices, and safe and healthy working conditions.


MACORP expect employees to work with passion and feel a profound connection to the company. This is associated with people demonstrating willingness to recommend the organization to others and commit time and effort to help the organization succeed.


MACORP is devoted to the implementation and execution of all necessary controls to guarantee the employees’ growth and the Company’s stability.


MACORP’s major focus is to continue serving customers with excellence to assist them to succeed in their business. When the company accomplishes this, it makes itself, customers and its employee’s winners.


Team effort is essential for the success of any organization. The team leader of each employee has the right to request the employee to carry out any assignment within the employee’s knowledge and skill, and will not cause the employee any physical or emotional harm, or is not illegal. We expect that employees communicate their concerns and comments in a timely and respectful manner to ensure that the organizational results are attained.


MACORP is committed to fair dealing and trustworthiness in the conduct of its business, this commitment, endorsed by MACORP’S Board of Directors, is based on a fundamental belief that business should be conducted honestly and in compliance with applicable laws. The Company expects all employees to share its committed high standards with the guidance of ethics and moral values which allow them to make the correct decisions


Our Company believes that everyone has the right to function in an environment that is free from any form of discrimination or harassment. This includes discrimination or harassment with respect to race, colour, sex, place of origin, citizenship, creed, age, marital or family status.


We believe that we can improve organisational performance and working lives through inclusive exchange of ideas by allowing the creativity of stakeholders. In so doing, alternative ideas can be (re) invented continuously.

Quality of Service

We strive to offer our customers an experience that exceeds their expectation by fully understanding the product balanced with proper communication.


Every company member shall have the highest level of ownership of their actions that influence the interest of our stakeholders.


MACORP chooses to be the leader in its business. We have an honest understanding of who we are, what we know, and what we can do. Our followers determine if we are successful. Thus we, MUST convince them, that we are worthy of being followed.


We are devoted to making realistic promises to our customers about the delivery of services or products and ensuring that our promises are in equilibrium with the needs of our customers and the Organization. We believe in informing our customers when we cannot keep our promises due to unforeseen circumstances. We endeavor to decipher when your customer’s needs or expectations change and adapt our service to meet their new requirements


Through resourcefulness and commitment to serve, we all should be willing to tackle tough problems.